Power of Attorney

How should a Power of Attorney be?

  1. It must be drawn up in the form of ‘’Arrangement’’ by notary and consulate.
  2. It must be identified the identification of person gives power of attorney according to identification card registrations.
  3. It must be stuck a newly taken photograps of the person gives power of attorney.
  4. The given authority must be clearly and fully defined.
  5. If the power of attorney leans upon another power of attorney , this situation must be clearly assigned.
  6. Correction and protrusion must be confirmed with signature and stamp.
  7. If the case is purchasing of acting on immovable by representative, representative must be entitled to appoint another person as representative; also clear signification of immovable which can be easliy purchased by representative, documenting of sale price which is paid to beneficial owner is needed.
  8. If the validity of authority given on power of attorney are not pointed out it will be valid after death also, authority of representative ends with this death.
  9. If more than one representative assigment subsists ,authority of representation is needed to be defined that it will be used together or seperately. If it is not defined, it is thought that all representatives have authority to represent together.
  10. Authority of representation is not possible with power of attorney that its issued date is arranged before getting the immovable.In this situation, it must be specified they have authority on representation fort he immovable will be gotten after this, as well.
  11. In the power of attorney are subject to deed process, the name of representative, name of representative’s father and birth date of representative is obligatory.
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