Visa & Residence

Visa Regime for Foreigners

Foreigners who will travel to our country are required to obtain their e-Visa from ​​or apply to our foreign representatives in person, depending on their country. Due to delays in visa issuance, it would be beneficial to make visa applications at least one month before the planned travel date.


- The e-visa replaces visas previously issued at border gates with a "stamp" or "stamp". Applicants can receive their visas electronically by entering the required information at ​​and making the payments by credit card. After the successful completion of the application, e-Visas are sent to the person's e-mail address.

- Applicants must print their e-Visas and show them to airlines and customs authorities and keep them until the end of their travels.

- EU-Turkey tourist visa or non-commercial purposes (work, student, etc.) Does not apply to journeys to be made. Such visa applications must be made through our foreign representative offices.

- The following information is valid for travel for tourism purposes. If you study, study etc. If come to Turkey for private purposes, the visa should be developed for the purpose of our foreign missions.

- The information below does not include professional drivers. It would be beneficial for the foreigner to get information from our nearest foreign representative regarding the visa regime applied to professional drivers.

- It is recommended that you have a travel document/passport valid for at least 6 months from the date of travel.

- The term "Official Passport" includes diplomatic, service, private and official passports.

- Foreigners holding "Travel Document" (regardless of the country of nationality) are required to obtain a visa from our foreign representative offices.

- Except for those who can benefit from visa exemption, all foreigners are required to obtain an e-Visa from ​​or a visa from our foreign representatives. Foreigners coming from countries where we do not have a foreign representation are required to apply for a visa to our foreign representative office accredited to the country of their nationality.

- to make a documentary film in Turkey, to carry out research, they are required to take the necessary permits from the relevant authorities before traveling to Turkey and Turkey's foreign representations abroad recourse will be found in archaeological excavations or similar activities.

- Foreigners with a valid visa do not need to obtain an additional residence permit. However, annotated (education, etc.). Notwithstanding the visa of foreigners who travel to Turkey visa validity by contacting the Police Department in their provinces after their arrival in Turkey are required to obtain a residence permit.

- the total duration does not exceed 90 days in the last 180 days of the pedestal will travel to Turkey Turkey applies to all foreign nationals.

In accordance with the new Law on Foreigners and International Protection, it is anticipated that the visa application at our border gates will end as of April 11, 2014.

Visa applications for touristic or commercial purposes can be made through the Electronic Visa Application System ( Via the Electronic Visa Application System, which was launched in 2013, it is possible to obtain an e-Visa practically within an average of 3 minutes from any point with an internet connection.

- Currently, transactions can be made in Turkish, English, French, German, Polish, Spanish, Dutch, Norwegian, Arabic, and Chinese languages ​​in the e-Visa system.

- In addition to Visa and Master Card credit cards, it is possible to pay with other widely used credit cards and debit cards.

- Foreigners who come to our country without obtaining a visa will be able to obtain e-Visa through the e-Visa Kiosks to be placed at our airports. Currently, there are kiosk (10 units) applications at Istanbul Airport.

- Family and group applications have become possible, and tour operators can make group applications for their customers.

- Turkey negotiated with airline passengers can be obtained from the offices of the e-visa offices and airports.

- The e-Visa fees collected from the e-Visa website are less costly than the visas to be obtained at the airports.

Information on visa fees can be found on the website of the Ministry of Tourism.

According to paragraph (b) of Article 7 of the Law on Foreigners and International Protection, foreigners who come to enter our country as of January 1, 2015, have a "visa, visa exemption or passport or passport substitute document valid for at least 60 days from the end of the residence permit period." they are required to carry.

Pursuant to Article 2 of the Law in question, the provisions of international agreements and special laws that we are a party to in the implementation of the Law and which entered into force according to the procedure are reserved, and those within the scope of the articles listed below will be exempted from the aforementioned provision and will be considered outside the scope of application:

a) Citizens of countries whose list of travels with their identity cards are listed on the link below, within the framework of the "European Agreement on the Travel of Persons between the Member States of the Council of Europe";

b) Those who carry country passports registered in the link below, which are deemed valid for certain periods, even if their terms have expired;

c) Holders of diplomatic, private, and service passports included in the official passports class in the Visa Regime Table.


The residence permit is a document that should be more foreigners wishing to reside legally in the visa period or visa exemption period in Turkey.

The residence permit is obtained by applying to the Immigration Authorities in the province where the foreigner will reside. Applications are made online by our expert consultants. The appointment document and other necessary documents are prepared and the foreigner delivers the appointment day documents to the Immigration Officer. After the approval of the residence permit application as a result of the evaluation made by the Commission, the residence permit card is sent to the foreigner's residence address.

After determining the type of residence permit to be applied for, documents suitable for its purpose must be prepared. Turkey newcomers and legally for 8 years to complete the Short-Term residence permit application is made for foreigners in Turkey. Short-term residence permit applications are generally made as applications for touristic purposes. However, with the new decision of the immigration administration, tourist residence permits cannot be obtained more than 1 time. Therefore, it will be beneficial for you to benefit from our expert consultancy services to obtain a residence permit by determining different stay purposes.

Documents Required for Short Term Residence Permit for Tourism Purposes;

Appointment Form (Prepared by our experts.)
Private Health Insurance Policy (Prepared by our experts.)
Fees and card fees paid to the government (made by our experts)
The notarized lease contract for the address of the foreigner
Tax number
Passport original and required page photocopies
Documents showing income status.
Short Term Residence Permit on Real Estate

Appointment Form (Prepared by our experts.)
Private Health Insurance Policy (Prepared by our experts.)
Fees and card fee receipts paid to the government (made by our experts)
Official, e-signed / signed and sealed/stamped document (title deed) showing that the house belongs to the person
Tax number
Passport original and required page photocopies
Documents showing income status.


Our foreign missions work permit foreigners who want to work and study visa must apply in Turkey. During this application, it is sufficient to present the document showing that the employer will employ the foreigner, visa application form and passport. After this application, the employer must apply to the Ministry of Labor and Social Security (MoLSS) with the documents requested by the said Ministry within ten working days at the latest. You can find the list of these documents on the website of the MoLSS ( Applications are finalized within 30 days by the MoLSS. Taking a work visa within one month of foreigners coming to Turkey for a residence permit to the Police Department in their provinces before the start of the study are required to make the application.

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